The biggest social and innovation event on any farmer's calendar in New Zealand is Fieldays. This is a time where farmers flock to Mystery Creek which is just outside of Hamilton. There are 1000s of exhibitors at the National Fieldays, anything from Hand pieces, to tractors and irrigators.

As part of my role for NZX, I was involved in the process of designing artwork for event booths and sites. This is a brief overview of the Fieldays site I was involved with in 2017 for AgriHQ.

AgriHQ had downsized their booth in 2017 to a modest indoor booth, which didn't leave much room for various activities that we have had in the past. So to get attention, we went for massive but simple text on the walls to get the attention of the farmers walking by. This layout included the use of TV screens, iPads and book stands to house the AgriHQ data products. 

There were a lot of last minute changes to copy, but we got there just before the deadline. 
Models are not to scale.
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